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I recently had a request for referrals – and this is something you should absolutely look for when deciding who you want to capture your special day. I have been unbelievably fortunate to work with some absolutely incredible couples, seniors and families — each opportunity seems to be better than the last, and for this I am very thankful. In addition, I am so thankful to the clients who have taken the time from their schedules to help me out with this – I am so appreciative of this!


Greg and Ashley Liprando — Married 9.30.17

I honestly can’t remember which came first – the wedding venue or the photographer. While this will forever be up for debate, upon knowing where Greg and I would be married, I knew that I needed Jeremy to shoot our special day. I remember sitting in Jeremy’s classroom 16 years ago and being smitten with not only his handwriting but also his creative abilities.

When it came time to start planning our wedding, knowing without a doubt who we wanted to capture our day certainly made planning a Pennsylvania wedding from Colorado much, much easier.

If there was ever a perfect storm of conditions and backdrops for photos, we had them. We were extremely blessed with not only a snowy winter day for engagement photos but the most perfect fall weather and lighting for our big day. Jeremy and Alexa captured every single moment and detail with such grace and have provided my husband and I (and our families) with memories to last a lifetime. When it comes to photography, we hit the jackpot.

There simply isn’t enough space on any online forum to express our gratitude for the work of JCL Photography and Design. I could write about their timeliness, responsiveness and professionalism but that’s to be expected. The one word that encompasses how we can best describe their talent is LOVE – love for clients, love for guests, love for the nature surrounding the day and love for photography. That trumps all.

Thanks again for being a part of our day!

-Ashley and Greg Liprando

Mike and Hayley Tymoczko — Married 7.18.15


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to photograph our entire wedding day. You were an absolute delight to work with. You deserve some of the credit for the “seamless” day that we had. You made everything feel so relaxed and really helped things flow smoothly. Many of our family and friends continue to praise you to this day, complimenting your charm, demeanor, professionalism, and talent. We knew that we would not regret our decision to hire you! The pictures are stunning — there just isn’t a strong enough word to describe how beautiful they are. We can’t thank you enough! We are grateful to call you a friend, and are looking forward to working with you again in the future!

— Hayley Tymoczko

Dustin and Jaclyn Wood — Married 6.20.15


I was planning our Pittsburgh wedding from Nevada, so admittedly I was looking to cheat wherever possible. My brother and sister in law used Jeremy for their wedding 3 years ago and had a wonderful experience, and that was all I needed to hear. Jeremy was very easy to work with and we met whenever I was back in town to discuss any last minute details. I found myself worrying about all of the typical day-of details but never about our photos. The whole day went smoothly and every time I look through them I love them more!

— Jaclyn Wood

Siegel/Lori/Truesdale Family Photos — 10.14


We couldn’t be happier with our family photo. It was one of things you put off for so long because it can be difficult to get everyone together and you just don’t feel like dealing with it. You made it so easy on everyone, especially with a bunch of kids and babies. I love every photo and want to thank you for doing such an amazing job!

— Jessica Truesdale

Jeff and Bethanie Weber — Married 5.4.13

Just saw all our hundreds of photos today and I don’t know how we’ll choose! We couldn’t be happier with all the pictures that Jeremy Lenzi and Alexa captured on our special day! I would definitely recommend JCL Photography & Design for your occasion!   Would definitely recommend booking them for your big day!  Thanks again Jeremy and Alexa for traveling down to NC to share in our special day! Love them all…thanks again!

— Bethanie Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Katie Costello — Married 5.12.12

Jeremy was the photographer for my wedding on May 12th, 2012. Jeremy, along with his assistant, did an amazing job. I cannot thank him enough for his great work. Not only is he an exceptional photographer, but he is also a genuinely nice person. My wedding pictures turned out beautiful and I would highly recommend JCL Photography & Design to every bride out there! You will not be disappointed!

— Katie Costello


Mark and Jennifer Siegel – Married 6.11.11

When I first started looking around for photographers I had no idea what I wanted or who I wanted to perform this service for me. I had an appointment with Jeremy and then I had made 2 appointments with other photographers. After I met with Jeremy, I cancelled the other 2 appointments immediately. I knew that he was who I should go with. I felt comfortable with him, he was relaxing and calming to talk to, and his rates were perfect.

This first thing that caught my eye about Jeremy was his professionalism and love of photography. Out of all the people I was working with to plan a wedding, never did I once feel the need to call him and check to see if we were still ok with everything like I had with everyone else. I know that when I told I was going with him as my photographer that we didn’t need to speak again until a month before the wedding, which was not the case with anyone else I was dealing with. I was always checking in to see if they did what I asked. I had complete and total faith in his professionalism and his abilities.

Jeremy met me during the rehearsal dinner just to check the lighting and then he was on his way. On the day of the wedding my husband’s pictures were taken with his family before the wedding took place to get the out of the way. They were back in a half hour , as he said they would be, and ready to start the ceremony. After the ceremony Jeremy took the rest of the pictures. I had thought that it would b chaos trying to get all these people to cooperate for pictures, but it was the complete opposite. Jeremy requested the names of the family members so he could call them by name, which was perfect. He was fast and efficient, but not too fast. I never felt rushed. He took his time and got quality shot after quality shot.

Once we got to the reception Jeremy asked us for our rings. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but when we got our proofs back I cried. His creativity really shined with his detail oriented pictures. He took pictures that I never even saw him take. Every time I was wondering if Jeremy got a picture, I turned around and there he was snapping that picture. He didn’t miss a moment. It was like he knew exactly what I was looking for in wedding pictures. Jeremy wasn’t just our photographer, he was our guest. He appeared to have as much fun if not more than most guests. He truly has a passion for capturing moments! Both of our families loved working with him and had compliment after compliment for Jeremy, especially once they saw the proofs.

Before we left for our honeymoon, Jeremy had proofs up on his blog for me to see, so I didn’t have to wait long. I got back from my honeymoon and he was ready to meet with me. He had all the proofs ready within two weeks. He probably would have had them sooner if I didn’t go away. Every picture was fabulous. Just when I thought that one was my favorite I would click on the next one and there was my new favorite. They were just exquisite. He caught so many wonderful moments of our special day.

We love what Jeremy did so much that I asked him to take more pictures about a month and a half later. He came up to my parents house, a log home in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and spent a couple hours taking more photos in some spectacular scenery. We had a lot of fun taking pictures there because the pressure was off, but that didn’t stop Jeremy from pretending that it was our wedding day. My mother wants him to take any professional pictures we need in the future (family photos, baby pictures) she thinks so highly of him as do Mark and I.

My overall experience was absolutely impeccable. Jeremy did everything and more to make our day special. He is an amazing and dedicated person. His love for photography shines through on every picture he takes. Not only did I gain a new photographer for the future, but I gained a friend.

— Jennifer Siegel

Marc and Kimberly Kubas — Married 7.9.11

When I was starting to plan for my wedding, I did a TON of research about photographers.  It seemed like everyone I talked to said “No matter what you do, get a fantastic photographer because the pictures will be here forever!” so I was determined to find the best!  After talking to a few people, Jeremy’s name came up and my mother and I made an appointment to meet with him.  As soon as the meeting was over, my mother said “He will be perfect.  He’s organized, his pictures are beautiful, he’s professional….I think he’s the one” and I agreed.

On my wedding day, with what seemed like a million things to worry about, I never once had to give the photographer a second thought.  Jeremy arrived to my house early (10am I believe), took pictures of everything (including me with my baby rabbit!), and even helped out with the guys getting ready upstairs.  Also, he kept me informed the entire time of what was going on, what pictures he was taking, and honestly was more like a wedding coordinator than just a photographer.
At the church,  I was a complete and absolute mess and realized 5 minutes before walking down the aisle that I had to put on my father’s boutonniere.  I had never put one on before,  I couldn’t get it to stay on because I was shaking, and just started sobbing and crying!  Jeremy’s assistant,  Alexa came rushing over, calmed me down, and pinned on the flower in 2 seconds flat.  I was absolutely relieved and had no worries walking down the aisle.
During the ceremony,  I never even noticed Jeremy or Alexa in the church.  I was actually thinking “Do they know I want photos during the ceremony?”  Afterwards, the pictures were absolutely gorgeous from the church.  The hectic photos after the ceremony flew by while Jeremy organized everyone for every photo.  The pictures afterwards at UPG were absolutely fabulous!  He knew exactly what photo ops would turn out the best and used spaces I never would have thought of and completely loved when I saw them!
The reception was absolutely insane and Jeremy and Alexa stuck through it till the end!  The pictures were amazing.  He gave me 2 cd’s with about 1000 photos to chose from.  I had the hardest time picking photos because there were so many that I adored!  Everyone from my family, to my wedding party, to the guests commented on how fabulous Jeremy was and that even when they asked for a photo that he would oblige.  
Needless to say, my experience with Jeremy and his assistant was spectacular!  I highly recommend him and plan to use his services again in the future! 
— Kimberly Kubas

Miss Alyssa Todaro — Senior Photographs, Pageant Headshots

Jeremy was my 10th grade English teacher and the chaperone for the French club’s excursion to Paris.  He had his camera out every minute of the trip — snapping photos of virtually everything!  While the rest of us were rushing from one famous monument to the next, he was always stopping to catch an elderly man playing “Petanque” (also known as Bocce), a little girl with ice cream dripping down her chin, or a seemingly unsightly stone gargoyle covered in dust.  When I saw the photos from the trip, I was speechless.  He captured what my cheap camera and shaky hand could not: the tiniest details of the journey that made me feel like I was back in France again.

I have watched Jeremy’s photography business take off and was one of his first “senior picture” customers.  Jeremy worked tirelessly through what seemed like thousands of outfits, poses, and scenery.  More recently, he was available at the drop of a hat when I needed headshots.  He has been professional and reliable and I would not think to go to anyone else for my photographic needs.  His diverse background, experiences and interests show through in his photographs – he truly has a gift. 

As you will see from examples of Jeremy’s work, he has the knowledge and skill set to take great photos.  However, as a customer, you must feel extremely comfortable with the person behind the camera. Jeremy makes everyone feel right at ease and has grown to become a very dear friend. I have recommended him over and over again and will continue to do so as often as I possibly can.

— Alyssa Todaro

I would like to recommend JCL Photography and Design to anyone in need of a personable, warm, and excellent photographer.  He took my daughter’s senior pictures a few years ago and I am very pleased with them, I still carry them in my wallet!  He took his time and made them very personal for us.  He also took some professional shots of her for a recent pageant she was in and they were perfect!  Many thanks to Mr. Lenzi!

— Mrs. April Todaro


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